Responsive Web Design

We don't believe in building a separate site for mobile users. We build responsive websites that look great on any device. Using responsive design we tailor the content to fit the device.

With the huge growth in mobile and internet connected devices your content needs to look good everywhere.


We build our websites with valid, semantic HTML5 and CSS3. We focus on writing standards compliant code that works across platforms and devices.

We develop on Macs

We develop all our apps and websites on Macs but we test across multiple platforms including Windows and Linux and devices including tablets and smartphones.

Web App Development

From Content Management Systems to custom web application development, we can bring your ideas to life.


Cross platform compatibility is important to us and it should be to you too. Every site we push live is tested to ensure compatibility across multiple browsers, platforms and devices. By using open web standards we ensure that everything we release will work on any browser or device that supports these standards.


We have a wealth of experience behind us in both web and systems development. We've worked for some of the biggest multi-national software and media companies in the world and bring that experience to everything we do. We know how to get things done!

Tools, Frameworks & CMS'

We use the latest tools, frameworks and content management systems to build our apps and websites.

We use lots of collaboration tools such as git, GitHub and Bitbucket (for source control), Trello to track our projects and tasks, and have our co-located servers in a data center in Germany. We're very distributed!

Two locations, one company

With offices in Dublin and Oslo we have a multi-cultural group working at Redhive.

We work hard at what we do but we like to have fun too. From learning Norsk and cross country skiing to teaching the scandinavians how to be a little more Irish, every day at Redhive is a day to look forward to.